You are truly unique and magical, born & forged by the path of life...

At Wild Blue Jewelry you will find fine artisan jewelry designed by Beth Liggitt - talismans created to reflect your one of a kind spirit back to the world 

Because to this day, the most meaningful personal adornment is still made the old-fashioned way, with heart and intention

Wild Blue Vision

The work created in the studio is a direct reflection of the studio values - conscientiousness, thoughtfulness, empathy and gratitude.

Beth established the studio with the goal of making a difference in the world by creating sustainably responsible jewelry pieces that are magical to wear and infused with meaning. Each piece combines Beth's love of ancient traditions and art with current culture and design.

Unused jewelry, recycled metals and responsibly-mined stones are used wherever possible. Wild Blue is Jewelry is committed to sourcing from US owned sustainable businesses and to being a proponent in the jewelry industry for ethical and environmental commitments.